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MY Therapy
Referral Procedures

Referrals are welcome direct from individuals

Each session lasts 55 minutes. Face-to-face sessions are held at Retreat Farm, I also offer Webex, Zoom, Skype and telehphone sessions where appropriate.

Session times:
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • 10 am to 3pm
  • 2pm to 7pm
  • 12.30pm to 6pm
Referral Procedures

What my work involves

  • Working on a short and long-term basis with individuals and couples
  • Psychological Assessment: including assessment of mental health needs, risk assessment and psychometric testing.
  • Planning, application and evaluation of specific models of evidence-based psychological therapy.
  • Design and provide group interventions where appropriate.
  • Work with primary care services and with the CMHT and Social Services to provide single or joint assessments with a view to providing appropriate interventions, signposting or referral on.
  • Working with associated statutory and non-statutory agencies to develop services.
  • Research, development and management of service provision.
  • Obtaining grant funding and managing Nature and Adventure therapy interventions.
  • Teaching Mindfulness and Compassion Based Approaches
  • Leading Meditation Groups, workshops and Retreat Days.
MY Therapy
MY Therapy
Referral Procedures

Professional Memberships

Member of British Psychological Society as a Chartered Psychologist

Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society

Member of the BPS Division of Counselling Psychology

Health Care Professions Council Registered Practitioner Psychologist

Member of the British Association Behavioural and Cognitive Practice

Professional Member of the Infertility Network UK

Open University Psychological Society and OU Alumni Association

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Referral Procedures

My qualifications and training

  • Professional Doctorate
  • Chartered Psychologist
  • HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist and Counselling Psychologist
  • BPS Registered Psychotherapist and EuroPsy
  • Post MSc Diploma in Counselling Psychology with City University
  • MSc in Counselling Psychology and Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling at London Guildhall University
  • BSc (Honours) Psychology
  • Level A and Level B certification for Psychometric Testing
  • Advanced training in Counselling Skills and Theory
MY Therapy

If you would like to enquire about therapy or have any questions please contact me on 07850 702640 or email

  • HCPC Registration PYL 22722