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MY Therapy
take a while to pause,
listen to your Wild Heart
and wonder…

What will you do with your one
Wild and Wonderful Life?





Spending time in nature is deeply therapeutic, it provides nourishment and improves wellbeing. When we realise that we are part of nature, deeply connected and interdependent; a sense of wonder, joy, gratitude and belonging arises. When we connect with our true nature; our wildness, and our loving and compassionate hearts, we ignite a profound relationship of care and protection for ourselves and all life.


The following activities are happening throughout the year at the beautiful Retreat Farm Holistic Centre and in some of the most tranquil places in Essex and beyond.

  • Mindful Walking

  • Forest Bathing

  • Canoeing

Please contact me for more information and booking links and click on Resources for further reading.

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Seasonal Sunday Retreats:
Meditation, Mindfulness and Compassion Practice

You are invited to come along to these Retreats and take some wonderful time to rest, restore and rejuvenate yourself. This invitation is open to anyone who wishes to begin or develop their Meditation and Mindful Self-Compassion practice.

  • Come in loose comfortable clothing.
  • We have mats, cushions, stools, chairs and blankets at The Retreat but please feel free to bring whatever you need for comfort when sitting and lying down.
  • Depending on the weather, some mindful and compassionate walking is planned so if you choose to do this, bring your wellies/outdoor shoes, warm coat, umbrella etc.
  • A range of drinks, fruit and biscuits will be provided, you may also want to bring a water bottle to take into the Sanctuary.
  • The cost for these retreats is on a donation basis with a guideline of £20, if this is unaffordable then pay what you can. The most important thing is that you come and find some benefit from the practices offered. It is really important for you to reserve your place, as numbers are limited to 12 and fill up very quickly.
MY Therapy

Meet The Team

MY Therapy
Nature Therapy and Retreats

Dr Mary C Younger

  • Mindfulness, Compassion and meditation practitioner and teacher.
  • ShinrinYoku (Forest Bathing) and Mindfulness in Nature Practitioner.
  • Member of the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine.
  • First-aid Qualified, Professional Indemnity and enhanced DBS

I remember the very moment, I first fell in love with a forest; At Age 7, my first school trip away from my inner-city home, it was Mortimer Forest near Ludlow. I have never forgotten the experience of joy, sensory overload and feeling completely at home. My deep love for nature has been a constant companion and guide ever since. Living mindfully, compassionately and immersed in nature has been, and continues to be life-changing for me, my clients, my students and fellow practitioners. It is such a joy and privilege to share these ways of being in the world.

Inspired by Dr Qing Li’s research and writing: ‘The Art and Science of Forest-Bathing’ and the work of Mindfulness colleagues who are offer Nature Retreats and Ecotherapy; I have undertaken training to teach Forest Bathing in some wonderful spaces; from the wilds of Dartmoor, North Wales, Outer Hebrides and the Peak District to deepest Essex and Suffolk. I am delighted to be able to share the benefits of these practices with others.

Paddle sport and Lowland Expedition Leader

Paul Younger, MSc.

  • Master of Science in Sport Coaching (Loughborough University)
  • A British Canoeing Slalom Performance Coach
  • (UKCC L3) and Coach Educator.
  • Lowland Expedition leader
  • ShinrinYoku (Forest Bathing) practitioner.
  • First-aid Qualified, insured Coaching practice and enhanced DBS.

As a relatively late starter in my early 20’s, canoeing and kayaking certainly did not come naturally to me, but after one capsize in a late September with stormy skies I just felt so connected to the environment. At that moment I just knew kayaking was for me and kept going to develop the skills I have now. I love being outdoors as well as on the water, time just disappears and life’s problems just seem to melt

MY Therapy

It is a privilege to share my passion with others, it doesn’t matter whether you just wish to go on a gentle paddle and connecting with nature or to progress to other environments such as moving water or Sea Kayaking. It is just brilliant being out there on the water and in Nature. I have been coaching for many years and along my journey I continue to meet many amazing people and have learnt so much from them.

If you would like to enquire or have any questions about Nature Therapy and Retreats, please contact Mary on 07850 702640 or Email